Relax - it's just rawhide.

     Cumberland Cigar Co. sells cigars to guys (and girls) who like cigars.  Sure, we understand the whole "cigar lifestyle" thing but you're more than that, aren't you?  We believe that you should smoke what you like and not just what some fancy magazine said you should.  Remember, those are the guys that also said that I should toast my cigars with a $3,000 lighter carved from unicorn horn but that's just not going to happen on my salary.

     Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with enjoying that $50 Cuban your buddy smuggled home from his most recent trip to Thailand.  I'm just saying that if you enjoyed that $5 bundle cigar you had yesterday, keep smoking 'em.  Unless you're a famous rapper who's just going to pose for pictures with an unlit cigar in his mouth, who cares what the band around the cigar says?  Simply put, let's not be pretentious about this whole thing and just have a good time.  

     You're not going to find pineapple flavored blunts or five pound bags of roll your own tobacco here but I can promise that you'll get a great deal on great cigars.  If not, I'll buy them back.  Promise.  Heck, depending on where you live, I may even have them delivered free of charge the very next day.  Now that's great customer service.  
     If you've got something specific in mind, just call, email or use the contact link above to let me know what you want.  I can't list everything here because I'm going to do my best to beat the prices you've seen from everyone else.
     Remember - You must be 18 years of age or older to buy cigars and cigar accessories in the state Maryland (and most other places, too).